Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flash Freebie just to make you smile

Bubble Towel Top crochet pattern
It's been a crazy week!   My hubby had surgery on his entire right arm on Monday and it's been a V E R Y    L    O     N    G   few days.  He's been in a lot of pain and neither of us have been able to sleep much at all.  So I want to do something for you just to spread some smiles.  

With the weather warming up, my girls like to go for walks to pick wild asparagus and cook it on the grill.  When I'm cooking, I don't like having towels on the counter, so I have several hanging towels around me for convenience.

Today only (4/21/16), I'm offering the Bubble Towel Top crochet pattern for free in my Ravelry shop.  The code for this is

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Starlight Chevron release and the new Love my Garden Chevron Afghan Crochet Pattern Collection

I'm excited to finally release the Starlight Chevron Afghan crochet pattern!  This is another fun textured design that will make wonderful Baby Shower gifts!  Like the others, the stars in this are worked right into the pattern so you don't have to worry about stitching them all on later.  Worked in Blues and Yellows for a night time gaze at the stars or in Red, White and Blue for a fun patriotic version, this blanket is great for nurseries and even photography props.  

I chose to use Vanna's Choice yarn for this design because it holds the shape of the stars well and had the perfect colors for the night sky.  

The Starlight Chevron Afghan crochet pattern is now available on my website and is on sale through 3/22/16.

With each new release, I've been asked by many of you if I would release them in a collection.  Now that the 4th design is complete, I've set up the Love my Garden collection for you.  This is a great way to get all 4 stunning designs for one great price!  Each pattern is listed for $5.95 individually or you can enjoy the full collection for only $12.95.  

I have some more ideas in the works to continue this collection but it is going to take some time to get them JUST right :)

Thank you all so much for your many wonderful compliments as these 4 patterns have been released.  I appreciate your love and support and look forward to working with you more!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Enjoy a Day of Relaxation with the New Sea Breeze Chevron Afghan Crochet Pattern

Ready or not, spring is on it's way! We've enjoyed some nice spring weather here in Utah this past week.  It's been mostly sunny with a few spring rain showers and has been wonderful.  When flowers start popping up in our yard, we all get excited to spend time outside.  

With the change of seasons comes a change in afghan designs.  I am a HUGE afghan fan and love to have them around.  It could be the middle of summer and I will still wrap up in a blanket at night while sitting out under the stars. 

I hope you'll enjoy my new Sea Breeze Chevron Afghan crochet pattern.  It was worked with Red Heart Super Saver yarn that I had in my stash and came together quite nicely.  I love the colors Real Teal and Jade together!  Such a relaxing combination.

Free Sea Breeze Chevron pattern by Crafting Friends

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stop and enjoy the flowers with the new Flower Garden Chevron Afghan crochet pattern

Heartbeat Chevron Afghan
I Love to crochet and I Love gardening!  You would think that those 2 things would show through together more often in my work than they have, right?  Well, as I mentioned in my post releasing the Heartbeat Chevron crochet pattern, I have never been a fan of flowers on afghans.  I also have never really been a fan of Granny Squares and I think that's where my dislike began.  When I was little, that's where you saw all the flowers in crochet work - granny flower squares.  They were big, they were bulky and I just didn't like them.
Flower Garden Chevron Afghan

It's funny how we change as we grow older!  There are still some flower patterns that I don't care for and I'm really picky about granny square blankets, however, this new Flower Garden Chevron Afghan crochet pattern I designed is among my favorite! This is the 3rd design in my new "Love My Garden" Chevron collection.  There are still a few more to come, but for now, let's stop and enjoy the flowers with a special release offer!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rainbow, Chevron and Butterflies, OH My! The 2nd Crochet Pattern in a fun, new and unique collection

I'm so thrilled to bring you the 2nd design in my new chevron crochet pattern collection.  It has been so fun to create some cute and unique chevron afghans and there are many more to come, so be sure to follow me on Facebook so you don't miss out.

Each new design will have different aspects to the chevron  so you are aren't just getting a fun new shape to work, but also a good variety of stitch patterns to mix it up.   

Heartbeat Chevron
Last week, I released the Heartbeat Chevron with cute little hearts and it was SO exciting seeing it shared everywhere.  The response was amazing and I appreciate all of your help in spreading the word about it and giving it a "heart" on Ravelry.  

Rainbow Butterfly Chevron Afghan
This week, I'm bringing you a bit of summer with the new Rainbow Butterfly Chevron Afghan. This one is on the lighter side and perfect for spring and the cooler days of summer.   Enjoy a special release price through Valentines Day Sunday (2/14/16)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heartbeat Chevron Afghan - The first in a fun new Crochet Pattern Collection

 Reversible Textured Chevron
Reversible Textured Chevron

I am thrilled to bring you a new, unique and fun Chevron crochet pattern collection! 

 Chevrons have just ruled my creative expression over the past year and this set takes a slightly different twist from my others.  

 Classic Cable Chevron
Classic Cable Chevron

Last year, I focused a lot on textured chevron using stitches that you normally wouldn't see in any other shape than square or rectangle.  Reversible Textured, Cables, Basketweave and Trisquare were really fun stitches to turn into chevron and I enjoyed each one.

Basketweave Chevron

Diamond Burst Chevron

Now,  I have to admit, I really despised flowers and things on afghans in the past  lol.  This new collection surprisingly came together and are among my favorites now!
Without further blah, blah, blah from me, I bring to you the Heartbeat Chevron Afghan and special release offer... 

Heartbreat Chevron Afghan Crochet Pattern

Friday, January 29, 2016

Peaked Shell Afghan Crochet Pattern

Peake Shell crochet patternIt's been a busy January!  I have so many fun new designs in the works, but it will be a while before I can share them with you.  To help fill in the gap of releases, I've worked up this pretty Peaked Shell Afghan crochet pattern for you.  It's simple, quick and has a fun little texture!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Free 12" Diamond Square Crochet Pattern

Diamond 12" Square Crochet Pattern

Materials: 2 or more colors of 4ww yarn.  I used Red Heart Super Saver.  You can use other yarns as long as you match gauge prior to starting your square.  If gauge is not met, your end result may be a smaller or larger square.

Hook: Size I/9 - 5.50mm (I use Boye hooks)
Gauge: 3 HDC & 2 Rows - 1"
Skill Level: Easy

     st(s) - stitch(es)
     Ch - Chain
     sk - skip
     sl st - slip stitch
     SC - Single Crochet
     HDC - Half Double Crochet
     DC - Double Crochet
     TR - Treble Crochet
     HDC2TOG - HDC 2 sts together
     HDC3TOG - HDC 3 sts together
     BrSt - Brick Stitch (SC, Ch 2, 3 DC) in same st


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fun and Unique Afghan Crochet Patterns you MUST try. Autumn Sale

What was the very first thing you ever crocheted?  Mine was an afghan, but since I was only 10 yrs old when I learned to crochet, it was a small afghan for the Cabbage Patch doll that my mom made me for my birthday.  It was probably 12"-18" square (only it wasn't so square   lol)  and it worked.  
The 2nd one that I made by myself was this Twin size Red and White chevron afghan that I still have in the closet.  It's almost 30 years old and I still remember the feeling I had when I tied that last knot. Ahhh, Accomplished and that was fun!  :)

I've made close to 150 afghans during the past 30 years and most of them have been large in size as they have either been sold or given to my family.  I LOVE afghans!  It could be hot outside in the middle of summer and you could still find me with an afghan because they're comfy and comforting.

Afghan Crochet Pattern Collection by Crafting Friends Designs
  Here are just a handful of the blankets I've designed over the past few years.  To celebrate Autumn and the leaves starting to change where I live, I have all afghan crochet patterns on sale through August 31st in my Ravelry Shop. See below for details

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Red Heart Twilight Yarn Review and Free Round Blanket / Rug Crochet Pattern

**This post contains Affiliate Links.  I may be compensated for any clicks or purchases made through these links which will help me continue to offer more free patterns on my blog.**
About a month or so ago, I received a fun bag of yarn from Red Heart to try out.  Normally, I stick to 4ww yarns for all the designs I do, so it was fun to work with something different.  Red Heart's Boutique Twilight is quite a bit thicker and comes in a bunch of fun Sparkly colors. My first thought was a cowl but I was sure there would be a bunch of them out before to long, so I played with it for a while and waited for the perfect something to use it for.  Then one day, my 6yr old daughter saw it, loved the "Romantic"  shades of purple, pink, tan and sparkle.

She decided it should be turned into an afghan for her, so the start of a new FREE crochet pattern was on the hook!