Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Red Heart Twilight Yarn Review and Free Round Blanket / Rug Crochet Pattern

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About a month or so ago, I received a fun bag of yarn from Red Heart to try out.  Normally, I stick to 4ww yarns for all the designs I do, so it was fun to work with something different.  Red Heart's Boutique Twilight is quite a bit thicker and comes in a bunch of fun Sparkly colors. My first thought was a cowl but I was sure there would be a bunch of them out before to long, so I played with it for a while and waited for the perfect something to use it for.  Then one day, my 6yr old daughter saw it, loved the "Romantic"  shades of purple, pink, tan and sparkle.

She decided it should be turned into an afghan for her, so the start of a new FREE crochet pattern was on the hook!   

Of course, we can't just have an ordinary square blanket.  Round it was!  What I like about this yarn is that with a size N Boye crochet hook, it was easy to work with and because it's so thick, projects work up fast.  

  AND.... if you're like me, you end up frogging at least part of the project at some point.  
<<-- Lesson learned not to crochet in the dark because I goofed and had to pull out about 1/2 the project.  
Red Heart Boutique Twilight is pretty sturdy, so if you do have to pull some of your work out, it's not going to fray or get into a bad tangled mess.  

Whether you're looking for a fun and different round blanket to make or a soft and squishy rug for the kids to sit on, here's a quick design to use. 

Twilight All Around Afghan or Rug
(c) 2015 Copyright by Kate Wagstaff of Crafting Friends Designs
It is Illegal to copy, share or upload this pattern to sites for others to access.  
Please direct people to this page to get their copy of the pattern.
Materials: 5 Skeins Red Heart Boutique Twilight yarn
                   (5 skeins will make a 3' diameter project)
                   (18 rounds is just over 3' diameter)
Hook: Size N (9mm)
Skill Level: Easy
Ch - Chain

St - Stitch
Sp - Space
Sl St - Slip Stitch
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
V-Stitch - (DC, Ch 2, DC) in/around same stitch

Note: You will be working between or around stitches of each round, not in the tops of them. 

 R1: Ch 4, 9 DC in 4th Ch from hook, sl st to beginning Ch 4 to form a circle (9 DC + Ch)

R2: Ch 1, (SC, Ch 4, DC) in same sp as Ch 1 (This counts as a V-Stitch), Ch 1, (V-Stitch, Ch 1) between each DC around, sl st to beginning Ch 4 to connect (10 V-Sts)

Increase Round
R3: *Ch 5, sl st around next Ch 1, Ch 5, sl st around next Ch 2,* Repeat from *to* around, Ch 5, sl st in end Ch 1 sp, (19 Ch 5's)

Chain Round
R4: Ch 2, *sl st around next Ch 5, Ch 5,* Repeat from *to* around ending with a sl st to beginning Ch 2 to connect (19 Ch 5's)

V Round 1
R5: Ch 2, (SC, Ch 4, DC) around next Ch 5, Ch 1, (V-Stitch, Ch 1) around each Ch 5 around, sl st to beginning Ch 4 to connect (19 V-Sts)

V Round 2
R6: Ch 1, (SC, Ch 4, DC) around same sp as sl st, Ch 1, (V-Stitch, Ch 1) around Ch 2 of each V-Stitch around, sl st to beginning Ch 4 to connect (19 V-Sts)

R7: Repeat R6
R8: Repeat R3 (37 Ch 5's)
R9: Repeat R4 (37 Ch 5's)
R10: Repeat R5 (37 V-Sts)
R11-15: Repeat R6 (For a ruffle version, only repeat R6 through 
              R13 and then move on)

R16-17: Repeat R3 & R4
R18: Repeat R5

You can continue working to your desired size by repeating R6 for as long as the rounds continue to lay flat.  If they start pulling in your work, you'll want to undo that round and work another Increase round (R3) and then repeat R4-R6 again.  

If you prefer more ruffles (as my girls do), you just need to work  the increase rounds more often.


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