Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope you all have some fun or relaxing plans for your weekend wherever you are. 

We will be spending time with my family tonight having soup, Trick or Treating with all of the kids and celebrating my 2nd daughter's 6th birthday.  It's not until next week, but it will be fun to have everyone together tonight, so why not add some cake too?


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chevron or Ripple, do you know the difference?

It's always fun to pick at the knowledge of other designers around me and see a little difference of opinion on things.  Many things in the crochet world are not "Set in Stone".  I love crochet stitch books and my favorite is this one from Robyn Chachula called Crochet Stitches VISUAL Encyclopedia (**this is an affiliate link**)
I really enjoy looking through it to get ideas and see all the colors she uses and learn the names of the stitches she has worked.  The funny thing is with stitches, sometimes 2 people can see a stitch and call it 2 completely different names.
Reversible Textured Chevron Afghan

Which brings me to my questions...Is it a Ripple afghan or a Chevron afghan?  I was always of the opinion that the designs with the sharper angles are Chevron and those that are softer angles are considered Ripple.  To me, it's like a ripple in the water - more of a wave and that's how I relate them when designing.  Now,  in conversations with other designers, there are some that agree with me and others who consider my opinion backwards   lol, and that's ok!