Friday, June 29, 2012

Fancy Yarn / Quick Giveaway

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Leave a comment with your email address, # of my patterns you already have and which pattern you would like to win.  Giveaway will end in 24hours (6/30/12 at 4:30pm MST)

 In trying to find the best mesh yarn to use for the Princess Britt dresses, I ordered some "Fancy Yarn" from Ebay.  I loved the colors, but was slightly disappointed with the width of it when it came.  It is about 1/2 the width of the Red Heart Sashay yarn.  I decided to try it on a Newborn size dress first since it was smaller. Here is the result :)
It was slower/harder to work up than the Sashay, but I think it turned out beautiful!  I wanted the pink around her ankles, so I used measurements from Heidi's Hoook Miss Priss baby leg pattern found here: Miss Priss Pattern  and just made anlkets.  The baby is having pictures done today and it is around 90*, so I didn't want the whole legging for right now.  Loved that idea and will be doning more :)

I did learn a lesson though....DO NOT start a pattern really late at night when extremely tired!!!  I started a dress and was not paying attention to the actual pattern since I have most of it memorized and  was more than 1/2 way finished before I realized I had grabbed the Toddler pattern and was working the 18mo size instead of the Infant pattern Newborn size.  Sooooo, I ended up with 2 dresses.
This is the 18month complete.

Since this yarn was smaller, I had to do shorter stitches for the skirt on this one so it would still look full.  It made it slightly heavier, but not a huge difference.  I have 2 more skeins to use that are a deep pink and brown verigated that is REALLY pretty.  Those will have to wait until I finish the 2 other dresses that have already been started. 

I hope everyone has started a wonderful weekend.  My heart goes out to those who are effected by the fires across the country!  Stay safe and keep cool.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Camo Pattern Sale

Do you ever look at your stash of crafting/hobby supplies and think..."I really should use this before I buy more" ?  Last night, I was looking under the bed for some pictures for my husband.  I have a bunch of yarn stashed in a box with 2 Camo afghans started.  One is Pink and one is Blue.  They really are easy to make, but I have been so busy with baby dresses (which only take a few hours to make).  I find it hard to work on afghans now since they take so long to work up.

Here is the one I finished while writing the pattern

The beauty of this pattern though, is that it can be made in any size you want...SO, the time it will take is completely up to me.  I need to finish both of them and have them ready for Christmas.  Whether I use them as Christmas gifts or not, at least I have put a deadline on finishing them and they will be ready no matter what :)
To give myself a little push, I have the pattern on sale right now for $.99.  I think it will help to see others working on it also.  Here is the link to the pattern: Camo Afghan Pattern on Craftsy

If you ever make an item using any of my patterns, I would LOVE to see photos!  You can either email them to me at or post them on my FaceBook page Crafting Friends on FaceBook.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just in time for July 4th

Jennifer from Little Luvies Shop and I have teamed up to offer this set of patterns together 1x only.  She designed the Hat and Barefoot Sandals and I loved the pattern!  It is available to purchase alone here: Swirly-Whirly-Combo-Pack for $5.
I designed a dress and diaper cover to go with it (with a little help on the diaper cover from Ronda of  Yarning4More )  I think the set turned out Perfect!  I can't wait to see photos of babies decked out from head to toe in this fun little outfit :)

The Set of patterns is available on PreSale for $6 until Sunday night at 8pm MST.  Once all the PreSale orders are sent out on Monday, I will release the Dress and Diaper patterns on Craftsy on sale for 1 day only for $4 and then it will be $6. 

The Dress pattern is for Newborn - 4T and there are 4 Diaper Cover sizes.  The Hat and Barefoot Sandals include instructions for NB-Adult.  To order, you can either leave your name and email address in the comments below or msg me on Face Book here: Crafting Friends.  I will send you an invoice and it must be paid by Sunday night in order to receive the Sale price.  All invoices unpaid will be deleted after that unless prior arrangements have been made with me. 

I would love to hear your feedback and any ideas you would like to see :)
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Princess Britt Toddler pattern

The Princess Britt Toddler pattern is now up and running.  It is available for instant download on Craftsy

I have a new sundress in the works that I'm hoping to release this coming weekend in order to give people time to make some for July 4th :)  The tables have been turned on this one.  I designed it to go with a hat and barefoot sandals that a friend designed and I think it will all work together wonderfully!

It is slightly chilly here, so I am going to wrap up in an afghan and finish writing this new pattern.  Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying your weekend


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dress Accessories

As I have mentioned before, I have a wonderful group of women who test my dress patterns for me.  We have all become great friends - even though none of us have ever met.  We feed off of each others creativity and it makes it so much more fun! 

I am quite busy designing dresses and don't have time to design accessories that will compliment my dress patterns.  The women who test for me have a wide range of things they make, so they have started designing the accessories.

This is a hat made by Jonna from Frayed Knot that works well with my Ribbon & Lace Dress pattern. It is available for purchase here: Vintage-Vine Hat pattern

The Barefoot sandals were designed by Jennifer from  Little Luvies.  This pattern is not released yet, but I will let you know when it is.

Marcia from  Made by MTL has designed this hat to go with my Snap Dragon Dress.

 This pattern is available for purchase here: Snap Dragon Hat. I worked one up this morning to be sold with the dress shown above

It is a very quick and easy pattern to work.  The flower shown on this hat is a pattern I found from Bonita Patterns and is available here: Croco Flower

Last, but not least, the Miss Priss Baby Legs designed by Heidi from Heidi's Hook

These little leggings are darling with this dress!  The pattern for these can be found here: Miss Priss Baby Legs

I LOVE how everything comes together and there are more in the works :) 

Welcome to JUNE 2012.  I hope it is a wonderful month for you all!



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Princess Britt Infant pattern

It's ready!  The Princess Britt Infant pattern is now available for instant download on Craftsy:

The toddler sizes are still being tested and I should be able to release that pattern this weekend.  I have some photos to share of that size, but need some time to load and edit them. 

I have also been asked to write up some child sizes and I will be doing that shortly also. 

If you ever have any ideas you would like to see, please let me know.  I would love to hear what you are interested in and love a challenge every once in a while.

I hope your week has started off great!