Monday, July 29, 2013

Lemon Lime Pattern Release Winners

And the winners are....

DeeAnn Pfund,  Rachel Earle Edwards Martorano, 

and Leigh Trinh.  Please email me at with your Ravelry Id or just letting me know you won and I will gift the pattern to you through Ravelry.

Thank you to everyone who entered to receive a pre-release copy of my Lemon Lime Summer Collection.  I will be doing this again on my next pattern release coming up in a week, so keep your eyes open for that post. 

Here are the links to the pattern for those who were waiting.

Lemon Lime Summer Collection on Ravelry 
Lemon Lime Summer Collection of Craftsy

The pattern will be on sale for 1/2 price through the end of the month :)  The discount on Ravelry will automatically be given at checkout. Coupon code is not required.  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Coming Soon - Lemon Lime Summer Collection

I finally did it!!!  This is the first pattern that I have been able to keep under wraps until it was ready for release :)  Usually, I get so excited about my new designs that I can't wait to share photos with everyone and considering my lack of photo talent - it's not really a good thing. 

My Lemon Lime Summer Collection will be released on Monday July 29th.  I am doing something different this time and releasing all sizes and all variations in the same pattern.  It is something that has been asked for and because it really is a simple pattern with just a few variations, it was easy to do.  This collection includes a Skirt, Dress and Summer Top with instructions for sizes Newborn - Child's 12.  I hesitate slightly on the dresses for the older kids because they can become heavy from the amount of yarn required, but I have it as an option.

I have really liked working with Cotton this summer.  It is a first for me.  Cotton just seems harder to work with - it doesn't slip through each stitch as easily as acrylic does and I wasn't sure I would continue using it after my first projects.  I have used several different brands and they each have good and not so good traits to them.  Red Heart's Creme de la Creme is what I have started using more of.  It is on the thinner side of cotton, but it's not so hard on my shoulders when using it - AND,  Here are the results...

Something else I haven't usually done with a pattern release is give a copy away. Well,  we are going to change that with this release :)  From now until Sunday night, you can enter my Giveaway for a chance to win your copy.  I will draw 1 winner for every 10 fans who enter. 
Good luck!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Inspiration struck

It's been a while since I've had a good run of inspiration.  Yes, I've been able to design a few things here and there, but I finally feel like I'm back in the groove of things.  Now, if there were more hours in the day to actually work them all up.  Right now, I have 3 patterns being tested and I'm doing something slightly different with them.  I will be releasing these as a Lemon Lime Summer Collection and including all sizes (newborn - childs 12) in 1 release and it will include directions for a Summer Top, Skirt and Dress.  I'm really excited about this.  Normally, I would seperate them out and release them by Infant, Toddler and Child with a discount for purchasing all 3.  I asked Crafting Friends fans on Face Book how they would like to purchase a pattern and gave a couple of options.  This is what was requested the most.  With that many sizes and items, it could potentially be confusing to others.  I'm hoping with the help of my fabulous pattern testers that we have made it the best it can be and worked out all the kinks along the way so that it will be easy to follow now. 

Keep an eye out over the next week for it's release.  You won't want to miss this one!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fall 2013 Pattern Set Contest

Our next contest is about to begin. The theme for this one is "All Things Fall"

What you need to do is make one of my dresses in Autumn colors/embelishments and Also an accessory from another designer to make it a set. Examples are a hat, bonnet, leggings, shoes, headbands, blanket...etc.

You will need to list the name of the patterns used, The designer and a link to the pattern when submitting your photo.  You do not need to have the items modeled. 

All entries need to be submitted by August 24th 2013.  Please email them to with Fall Contest written in the subject line.  A random group of judges will select the set they like the best.  The winner will be announced on Sept 1, 2013 and will receive their choice of $25 to use on Etsy, Ravelry or at Michaels.

I will also have a 2nd prize offer. For anyone who gets a friend to enter, If they list your name as a reference on their entry, you will be entered in a drawing for $10 to use on Etsy or Ravelry.  (Note: you can not refer each other though. Example: If Mary refers Jane, then Jane can not get credit for refering Mary)

I'm looking forward to seeing all your creativity! Good luck everyone :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013 Independence Day Contest Winner

First, I want to thank the ladies who entered this contest.  It was fun to see the different colors used and combination of patterns.  I loved all of them!  I know there were a few others who had planned on entering and I actually saw the dresses they made but for various reasons, they were unable to make the remainder of the items needed to enter.  Since this was the first contest being held, I knew that participation might be low but I am hoping that it will keep getting bigger as they keep going. 

Also, Thank you to the ladies who helped judge.  Lisa of Loops of Love, Crystal from Crystalized Designs, and Renee from Dugans Girls.  If you have a moment, go check out their Face Book pages to see some wonderful work.

Now... Congratulations to Kendra McGill of TwistedLoopDesigns for winning my 2013 Independence Day Contest!  Kendra chose to receive $25 to spend on Ravelry.  Each of the other entrants will receive a pattern of choice from my shop. 
Make sure you check back later this week.  I will be announcing the next Contest :)

Happy Independence Day my friends!  I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday and weekend of fun.  Please stay safe.