Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Come Join Me in my new Neighborhood Challenge!

Lately, there has been so much hate and violence on the news and it so frustrating.  I have so many things that I want to say, but I don't want to focus on the negative.  I want to focus on the positive and all the good that is going on and I want to help others to see and focus on the positive too.  There is so much more love in this world than there is hate, but the hate is easier to see and react to.  

How much better could it be though if everyone would just slow down and set down their electronics for a few minutes each week to do something kind for someone?  Not for your normal group of friends and family (though that is fabulous too!), but for someone in your neighborhood that you don't know that well.  We live in a time where everyone is rushed.  Rushed to go to work, rushed to get the shopping done, rushed to get the kids to soccer or softball or a gazillion other activities, rushed to grab fast food for dinner because we don't have time to actually cook it.  To often, we "THINK" we just don't have enough time for others.  How many times do you "WANT" to help, but just don't have time?

I get it.  I do!  I've said it many times.  Honestly, it doesn't take a lot of time or even any money to be kind. I am challenging myself to be better.  I am going to make a concious effort to do extra this next month for my neighbors.  

NOW is the time to be kind.  NOW is the time to get to know your neighbors.  NOW is the tie to be sincere.  NOW is the time to strengthen our communities.  NOW is the time to make actions speak louder than words.

So, here is my "Neighborhood Challenge".  I'm not asking for big huge events (though that would be fun).  I'm just asking you to take a few minutes out of your week to do an act of kindness for someone you don't normally associate with.  Get to know your neighbors.  Let's bring back the friendly neighborhoods an get rid of the uncertainty and hate.

I've made a list of some things that we can try.  If you need to plan it out, go ahead and mark 1 day a week on your calendar or at least every 2 weeks to set aside time for acts of kindness.  Let's hold each other accountable.  Let's not just say we're going to do this, but let's do it!

Take a photo of what you're doing if you can and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #NeighborhoodChallenge

so we can see how much love is going around.  Let's fill our lives with the good!Do you have 20 minutes in the next month that you can spare?  Will you join me?

#becauseIcare  #spreadthelove  #lifeistoshort  #dontletitpassyouby

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christmas Pine Tree Skirt Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet pattern Christmas Pine Tree Skirt
Christmas Pine Tree Skirt

If you have any questions, you are welcome to join my Crafting Friends Designs CAL group on Facebook.  If you don't have a Facebook account, you're welcome to comment on this post and I will help the best I can.  

This pattern is available in PDF form HERE on Ravelry for a small fee.  Be sure to add it to your favorites!

Also available on Etsy, Craftsy and

You can find all of my Christmas Tree Skirt crochet patterns here:
Crafting Friends Designs Christmas Tree Skirt crochet pattern collection
Skill Level:   I would consider this an Intermediate skill level though I will have many photos showing stitch placement.  

Christmas Pine Tree Skirt Crochet - A - Long begins Friday July 15th

A few years ago, I saw a photo of the Pine Tree crochet stitch and thought it was really cool.  I've had it marked to use in a design since then and have looked at it every now and then just waiting for some inspiration to hit.  Two weeks ago, I decided that I had waited long enough and I just HAD to crochet with it NOW!

Right now is the best time to start crocheting things for Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to design a Christmas Tree Skirt crochet pattern.  A lot of fans have told me that they don't crochet afghans very often because they are so big and  they give up.  We are going to work this design 1 row at a time over 27 days so that it won't feel so overwhelming.  And I'll be right here with you to help cheer you on and answer any questions you may have.

Here are the details you'll need to get ready:

Skill Level:   I would consider this an Intermediate skill level though I will have many photos showing stitch placement.

Crochet hook size I

Yarn: I used Deborah Norville Everyday yarn  
 - 2 skeins (406 yrds) Pine Green
 - 5 skeins (1015 yrds) White
You are welcome to use a single color or more than 2 colors.  Have fun with it and make it in colors you will love for a long time.  Other 4ww yarns will also work, your size may vary based on the yarn though. 

Gauge: I will have a few gauge check points along the way so you can adjust your hook size if needed to reach the 4' diameter.

Other materials needed:
1. Yarn needle to weave in ends securely

2. 4 buttons with needle and matching thread for securing
    - I used 1" barrel shaped buttons and secured them to the double crochet rows.  You could use larger buttons and secure them to the treble crochet rows or you could even go without if you prefer

So, search your closets or have fun shopping for the perfect yarn for your tree skirt!  Be sure to follow this blog and check in daily for each update. I will post the main post with stitch details and the first row of instructions on Friday.  Each day, I will update that same post with the next row of instructions. If you follow by email, you will only get the first post and will have to check back for each update.

I'm excited to get started and hope you'll all join me!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas Tree Skirt CAL coming soon

Have you ever gone into stores looking for a beautiful Christmas Tree Skirt only to find they don't have the colors or style you want?  I love having my own personalized tree skirt under my tree every year!  Now is the time to start if you're wanting to make your own.  I'm almost finished designing a new tree skirt and will be hosting a CAL so that you can easily work up one for your home this year too. 

I will post details and a photo soon so that you can choose your colors and know how much to buy. I am using Pine Green and Snow White in Deborah Norville Every Day yarn.  You're welcome to  use any 4ww yarn of your choice though.  

 Diamond Christmas Tree SkirtA few years ago, I designed the Diamond Christmas Tree Skirt with one of my favorite crochet stitches - the Brick Stitch.  It's also the stitch known for c2c afghans though this obviously is not worked c2c.  For this one, I used Caron Simply Soft yarn.  This is one of my best selling crochet patterns and I've enjoyed seeing photos customers have posted on my Facebook page with their tree skirt under their tree. 

Shades of Teal and Red have been big colors for Christmas for a couple of years now and I knew I had to design a new tree skirt for my mom last year using those colors.  I wanted a fun style and great texture and came up with the TriSquare Swirl Christmas Tree Skirt just for her.  This  skirt also uses Caron Simply Soft yarn which shows the stitch well.
 TriSquare Christmas Tree Skirt

I've seen many simple start tree skirts and thought it would be fun to design one with some braided cables to add some texture.  The Classic Cable Star Christmas Tree Skirt was fun in basic Christmas colors, but it would also be pretty in 1 solid neutral color too!
This one also uses Deborah Norville Everyday yarn.

If you're ready for another fun, new Christmas Tree Skirt crochet pattern,  be sure you follow my blog, Facebook page or have signed up to receive my newsletters (top left of the blog).