Friday, June 29, 2012

Fancy Yarn / Quick Giveaway

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 In trying to find the best mesh yarn to use for the Princess Britt dresses, I ordered some "Fancy Yarn" from Ebay.  I loved the colors, but was slightly disappointed with the width of it when it came.  It is about 1/2 the width of the Red Heart Sashay yarn.  I decided to try it on a Newborn size dress first since it was smaller. Here is the result :)
It was slower/harder to work up than the Sashay, but I think it turned out beautiful!  I wanted the pink around her ankles, so I used measurements from Heidi's Hoook Miss Priss baby leg pattern found here: Miss Priss Pattern  and just made anlkets.  The baby is having pictures done today and it is around 90*, so I didn't want the whole legging for right now.  Loved that idea and will be doning more :)

I did learn a lesson though....DO NOT start a pattern really late at night when extremely tired!!!  I started a dress and was not paying attention to the actual pattern since I have most of it memorized and  was more than 1/2 way finished before I realized I had grabbed the Toddler pattern and was working the 18mo size instead of the Infant pattern Newborn size.  Sooooo, I ended up with 2 dresses.
This is the 18month complete.

Since this yarn was smaller, I had to do shorter stitches for the skirt on this one so it would still look full.  It made it slightly heavier, but not a huge difference.  I have 2 more skeins to use that are a deep pink and brown verigated that is REALLY pretty.  Those will have to wait until I finish the 2 other dresses that have already been started. 

I hope everyone has started a wonderful weekend.  My heart goes out to those who are effected by the fires across the country!  Stay safe and keep cool.


  1. I love this, it's cute!

    I have ALL of your patterns but one...the Toddler Baby Tay. Can you believe that!


  2. Hi!

    I am a new fan...and sadly have none of your patterns so far, but hope that this can be rectified soon!!


    1. Which Dress pattern and size would you like to win?

    2. So hard to decide!! I LOVE them all!! If only choosing one right now...I would have to pick your Princess Brit infant dress!! SO CUTE!!! = )

  3. I don't have any of your patterns yet, but I love anything that can nee made for babies!

  4. I have only one pattern of yours so far! I'd love to win the Angelique pattern! Thanks!


  5. My email is

    I don't have any of your patterns yet, but will be buying some soon to add to my pattern collection. =)

    If I won I'd like the Princess Brit Dress, that is definitely my favorite pattern of yours! =)

  6. So far, I have your Ribbon & Lace, Angelique and Snap Dragon dress patterns as well as your Pinwheel Applique pattern.
    I still want to get the Diamond or Shell Brook infant patterns.

  7. well poo...forgot to leave my email address

  8. My email is

    I have 5 of your patterns:) I would love to have the oh snap toddler dress!


    I have 3 of your patterns -- wishing for the Ribbons and Lace toddler dress now -- and the time to just make them all!

    Thank you so much!
    Blessings - J'lisa

  10. I have 3 of your patterns!! I would love your Swirly Whirly Sundress Pattern!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  11. I have one of your patterns. I would love your ribbons and lace (baby) pattern. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. i have 3 of your patterns, maybe four. i would love the purple hat on your fb site

    thanks for the give away.

    Please pray for Colorado

    I have 7 of your patterns.
    I would love to have the Diamond Toddler dress pattern.

  14. I have all of your patterns except the Angelique pattern.

    jsp32605 at aol dot com

  15. I have 2 of your patterns :)

    I would love to win the swirly whirly dress!

    (i know its not gonna post my real name with this so ill just put it here :-p stacy blass)

  16. I have at least 3 of your patterns. I don't remember for sure off the top of my head. If I won I'd want the Princess Britt pattern in the toddler sizes. I have it in the infant sizes and i LOVE it!!

  17. I have one of your patterns; the snap dragon dress. It's gorgeous!

    If I were to win a pattern, I'd love the Angelique Dress pattern.

  18. I only have one of your patterns right now (Swirly Whirly Sundress) and still haven't had a chance to work on it :( I have big plans though! I would love any of the others!! I really like the Snap Dragon dress.
    Beth Williamson

  19. I do not have any of your patterns yet but would love #15353-Oh Snap Toddler Dress or #17126-Miss Priss Baby Legs. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  20. New fan. No patterns yet. Love princess britt infant dress

  21. I currently don't own any of your patterns because I am an new fan. I really love your Camo Afghan. My husband is in the military so this would be a perfect project for me to make. I have become a new fan recently- and can not wait to try out some of your other patterns. I just got back into crochet after taking a break from sewing (moving to a new base). Thank you for the giveaway :)

    I am a new fan and have none of your patterns
    I would love the ribbon and lace pattern


    I love your stuff! I have 3 patterns. I would love the angelique pattern. my friend loved that dress when we looked throughyour patterns finding one for me to make for her niece.

  24. Lauren H

    Sadly, I don't have any of your patterns but I sure would love to try out the Princess Britt (infant) dress. I just love the ruffles at the bottom.

  25. Nancy Griffin-CreekJune 30, 2012 at 3:57 PM

    My email is

    I don't have any of your patterns and would love to just have 1 of them are very talented. All the dresses are gorgeous. It's hard to decide which one to choice

  26. I have your Baby Tay pattern and would love your Swirly Whirly Sundress!!

  27. I have the Princess Britt pattern and although I have not been able to make one yet, I have high hopes for the future! I think you are extremely talented and would love to win a surprise pattern of your choice:)

  28. Love your patterns. I have the (what I call) ballerina dress and the oh snap toddler dress. Am loving the relaxing crocheting! I would love to win any of the patterns!


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