Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christmas Pine Tree Skirt Crochet - A - Long begins Friday July 15th

A few years ago, I saw a photo of the Pine Tree crochet stitch and thought it was really cool.  I've had it marked to use in a design since then and have looked at it every now and then just waiting for some inspiration to hit.  Two weeks ago, I decided that I had waited long enough and I just HAD to crochet with it NOW!

Right now is the best time to start crocheting things for Christmas, so I thought it would be fun to design a Christmas Tree Skirt crochet pattern.  A lot of fans have told me that they don't crochet afghans very often because they are so big and  they give up.  We are going to work this design 1 row at a time over 27 days so that it won't feel so overwhelming.  And I'll be right here with you to help cheer you on and answer any questions you may have.

Here are the details you'll need to get ready:

Skill Level:   I would consider this an Intermediate skill level though I will have many photos showing stitch placement.

Crochet hook size I

Yarn: I used Deborah Norville Everyday yarn  
 - 2 skeins (406 yrds) Pine Green
 - 5 skeins (1015 yrds) White
You are welcome to use a single color or more than 2 colors.  Have fun with it and make it in colors you will love for a long time.  Other 4ww yarns will also work, your size may vary based on the yarn though. 

Gauge: I will have a few gauge check points along the way so you can adjust your hook size if needed to reach the 4' diameter.

Other materials needed:
1. Yarn needle to weave in ends securely

2. 4 buttons with needle and matching thread for securing
    - I used 1" barrel shaped buttons and secured them to the double crochet rows.  You could use larger buttons and secure them to the treble crochet rows or you could even go without if you prefer

So, search your closets or have fun shopping for the perfect yarn for your tree skirt!  Be sure to follow this blog and check in daily for each update. I will post the main post with stitch details and the first row of instructions on Friday.  Each day, I will update that same post with the next row of instructions. If you follow by email, you will only get the first post and will have to check back for each update.

I'm excited to get started and hope you'll all join me!

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