Monday, July 13, 2015

Ribbon Candy Flower Free Crochet Pattern

Free Ribbon Candy Flower Crochet Pattern
Ribbon Candy Flower
When I designed the Ribbon Candy Infant Dress crochet pattern, I wanted a fun embelishment that would play off the design of the twirling ribbon effect in this stitch.  This was the final result and I think it's pretty fun to work up and it fits!  
It is included in the dress pattern, and now, it will also remain free here on my blog for everyone to enjoy.

Small amount of 4ww yarn (2-3 colors)
**Color A will be the center color, Color B will be the outer color**
Hook size H
Button (size of choice)
Matching thread and needle

Ch - Chain

Sp - Space 
St - Stitch
Sl St - Slip Stitch
SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
TR - Treble Crochet

Round 1: With Color A - Ch 4, work 8 DC in beginning Ch Sp, Sl St to top of Ch 4 to connect

Round 2: Working in Front Loops Only - (Ch 3, 3 DC, Ch 3, Sl St) in same Sp, *Sl St in next st, (Sl St, Ch 3, 3 DC, Ch 3, Sl St) all in next St,* Repeat from *to* around (5 petals) Fasten off

Round 3: Connect Color B with a Sl St to the Back Loop only of the same beginning St of Round 2, (Ch 4, 4 TR, Ch 4, Sl St) in same Sp, *Sl St in Back Loop of next St, (Sl St, Ch 4, 4 TR, Ch 4, Sl St) all in Back Loop only of next St,* Repeat from *to* around (5 Petals)  Fasten off and weave in ends.

Make a HDC Chainless Foundation of 20, Ch 2, Rotate to work across bottom of foundation working between the HDC's, *4 SC in next Sp, SC in next Sp,* Repeat from *to* across, Do Not fasten off, 
Begin another HDC Chainless Foundation of 16, Ch 2, rotate and work across bottom of Foundation working between the HDC's, Repeat from *to* across 2nd foundation.
Fasten off leaving a tail long enough for stitching.
With the extra yarn connected to the Curly Ribbon, fasten the curls to the back center of the flower and then stitch to project.


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