Sunday, January 18, 2015

With All My Heart Photo Prop Service Project Free Crochet Pattern Offer

As many of you know, I was a challenger in The Battle of the Stitches crochet competition.  The theme was "Love is in the Air" and as soon as I heard that, I knew I wanted to do a heart shaped prop to focus on the love of a baby.  One of the restrictions for this challenge is that you can only have 4 testers who know what you're designing and then obviously a photographer.  That's it - no one else can know what you're working on (not colors, not brand of yarn, not - well, you get the picture)  This keeps the competition fair and based completely on the design and talent itself and not the popularity of the individual designer.
Classic Cable Chevron Afghan Crafting Friends Designs
Classic Cable Chevron Afghan

I've been working with Ashlee from Ash & Co for quite a while now and love her work.  She has captured some beautiful photos of my designs such as this one of my Classic Cable Chevron Afghan.  Without being able to tell anyone what I had designed, it was slightly difficult to find a way to get my competition design photographed the way I was hoping, so she introduced me to another local Photographer who is well known for her newborn photos.  I don't believe this was just a coincidence.  I know that we were supposed to meet for a reason and now I know why....

Amber from Two Color Photography  was so kind to take my design and get a few beautiful photos for me to use.   
With All My Heart Photo Prop Crafting Friends Designs
With All My Heart Photo Prop
When I posted this on my personal Facebook page, my sweet friend Valorie from Creations by Valorie commented that this would be a wonderful project to make for local hospitals for Angel Babies. WHY did I NOT think of this???  A few years ago, I worked on some service projects with my neighbor for a hospital her sister works in.  What we would do is make blankets and clothing for these babies.  The nurses would dress them and take their photos for the family and then the family was able to keep each item in a box that was also given.  Something for them to take home and hold and a beautiful keepsake of their little one.  You can read more about that HERE and see some of the items I made. Well,  would you believe?  I commented that I thought that was an awesome idea and would have to find out if our local hospitals offer that service for the families here.  Amber also commented that she helps coordinate this effort for our 3 local hospitals!!!  Whoa!  This was MEANT to be!

Small Heart Base with Border Pattern
I am offering the Small Heart Base with Border pattern (the Love knot section is not included for free)  here on my blog for free in hopes that many of you will join this service project with me and bring some comfort to the families near you who are dealing with the loss of an infant. You will need to contact the hospitals NEAR YOU and ask if they could use these items.  Some hospitals may not offer this service.
If you are unable to do this project for a hospital near you, you are welcome to work some up and send them to me
(You can email me at for my address when you're ready to send them ).

Here are some tips that I was given:
1. These sweet little babies are extremely tiny and some are full term, so a variety of sizes could probably be used but this size I'm offering will work for most. I will be sending a few of the large ones and then lots of small. Changing the type of yarn and hook size will create a variety of sizes.
2. Do Not use White yarn.  It glares when being photographed.  
3. Using pastel yarn will look white if the photographer chooses to shoot the photo in black and white, so that's a good option
4. Wash your items prior to taking them to the hospital.

We're already getting photos from friends who have taken this service project on with us - YAY!!!  Thank you Little Luvies Shop
And Thank you to Kaleidoscope Art & Gifts
To learn more about this service, please visit

Here are some beautiful options to help you get started!

With All My Heart - Small Heart Pattern
With All My Heart - Small Heart pattern - Free Crochet Pattern
This little Angel Wing crochet pattern from Bowtykes would also be perfect.  I haven't made one just yet, but plan to. *Free Crochet Pattern at time of posting*
Angel Wing and Halo Prop 

Newborn Bennett Beanie from Hatch-ed With Love - *Free Crochet Pattern at time of posting*
Newborn Bennett Beanie

Dream Weaver Beanie from Crochet By Jennifer - Free Crochet Pattern

Dream Weaver Beanie Free Crochet Pattern
Dream Weaver Beanie

Vivian Bonnet from Crochet By Jennifer - **Paid Crochet Pattern**

Crochet Preemie Hat from Cre8tion Crochet - Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Preemie Hat

My Lil Angel from Simply Collectible - Free Crochet Pattern
My Lil Angel Wings


  1. What a wonderful gift! And fantastic idea! My daughter-in-law and son recently (Sept 2014) had a stillborn born 2 weeks shy of being full term and I've looked for ways to help others memorialize such a brief stay on this earth.....this would have been great gift to have! (They were given a crochet blanket as well as molds of Baby Avianna ' s hands and feet, but we only have snapshots of her taken on a throw away 35 mm camera)....thank you for your kind heart and I look forward to working with you to help parents through such a rough time.....~Lindsey

    1. Lindsey, I can't imagine how hard it would be. I've seen family and friends deal with the loss of an infant and this is simple, but I do hope that it will make a difference and bring some comfort to families all over. I hope the hospitals near you will allow you to offer this gift for them.

    2. I will be finding out as soon as I have some available to donate.....:) I will share with you if I have found some close by to add to your list of hospitals accepting donations! :) ~Lindsey


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