Monday, December 10, 2012

New Store up and running

Happy Monday Everyone!!! I hope you made it through the weekend ok.  I have finally gotten my groove back :)  I struggled for a few weeks with many different things and hated how I felt.  I burnt a batch of Peanut Clusters (my daughter asked how that was even and then burnt a batch of homemade oldfashioned fudge.  The Cakepops that I worked all day on for some youth in my area - well - The dipping chocolate didn't work out for that either :(

It's a new week and I have chosen to focus on making myself a better person instead of focusing on everything that seems to keep going wrong.  Since doing this, things have quickly started to look up for me! 

While I still have my Etsy shop running, I'm not huge on paying a bunch of fees. It seems that in order for your items to actually be seen by a wide variety of potential customers you have to pay extra for your product to show up in search results and other things.  I came across and have decided to give it a try.  It is completely free for me to use and is accessible through my FaceBook page for followers to view.  I'm excited to give this a try and hope for the best.

My NFL Mohawk hats are back up and very popular, so my focus has been on trying to get a bunch of them readily available for people to order instead of having a wait time for me to make them.  While I do have a few still ready to go, most have been going quickly - such a great feeling to know that others enjoy what I make :)
Here is a link to my shop:

Many of the dresses that are ready are priced at 50% off to try and make some room for more designs when I get time to get back into designing.
The photos shown are few of the Hats that are ready to ship.

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