Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Thoughts

Happy December my Friends!  Can you believe that the year is almost over?  I have been truely blessed this year.  We have had our ups and downs like everyone else, but we have a roof over our heads and food in the cupboards and have no serious health problems...who could ask for more?

I met a sweet lady yesterday at the boutique in town where I sell some of my items.  She is having a rough time right now and my heart aches for her.  She recently had surgery and lost 2 nephews (brothers) all within a few weeks.  Her neighbors and church "friends" did not take the time to check on her and I am just floored!  Are we that busy with our lives that we don't notice?   There are so many posts being shared on FaceBook about giving and sharing and serving and remembering the true meaning of Christmas.  I hope that more people will be willing to actually put forth the effort to do those things and not just click a button to share and pretend that it means something. 

I was in a hurry last night and my 3 daughters were waiting in the car for me.  Though I listened to her trials and hugged her while she cried, I admit that I should have done more.  I am a complete stranger, and was there to comfort her - but I think that I will see if I can find out who she really is and where she lives and do something for her.  She seems familiar to me, but I failed to even ask her name...I myself need to be better and I will be putting more effort into serving others.

How well do you know your neighbors?

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