Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sand & Water Baby Afghan

Months and MONTHS ago, I wanted to try a different crochet stitch and came accross the "Cobble Stitch" on this blog  I wanted the puffs to show better, so I chose to use 2 colors of yarn instead of the 1 shown in the blog picture. 

This pattern is extremely easy!  All you have to do is chain the length you want in mulitples of 2 and then 2 extra.  The first row is just Single Crochet and the second row you SC then TR alternating those 2 stitches to the end of the row.  Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until you get your desired height. 

Simple...Right?   It really is, but I seem to get bored easy with single crochet because it takes forever to reach the desired size.  Needless to say, this is one that sat on the end table and I would pick it up here and there and crochet a row or 2 and put it back down.  This week, I decided that enough is enough and I just needed to get it off the table and finished it this morning. 

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