Friday, October 21, 2011

Mohawk hat

Back to crocheting!  A friend of mine loves all the funky crocheted hats that are out there.  She purchased a pattern from etsy and asked if I would be willing to make it for her to give as a gift. 

I've made the cute little hats for preemies and even hats on the loom for humanitarian projects but nothing like this.  She had the pattern for a silly hat, but wanted the mohawk - I didn't think she should buy another pattern, so we just used the base of the silly hat and added our own spikes.  It worked out and is bright enough that this little boy will not be missed!

Now it's off to the store to stock up on some more yarn for baby dresses.  I have some requests for long blessing dresses and dresses for a little older babies.

Happy Friday everyone!

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