Monday, February 3, 2014

February 2014 CAL

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated in the CAL!  It was so fun to work with you and I hope you will join me again for future CAL's.
If you joined in and would like a copy of the PDF pattern, please email me a photo of your progress so far along with your Raverly ID if you have one and I will send you a copy through Raverly.

This pattern is also available on

Happy February everyone! Are we excited to get this thing rolling?

First,  I want to say thank you for joining me.  It's always fun to work along side other crocheters and to see everyone's progress along the way.  I can't wait to see the colors everyone chooses.
What I'm going to do is keep this as a single post so that if you are off a day, it will be easy to jump back in without having to search for another post :)

Here are the materials required in case anyone joins in a after day 1. 
This will require 3 colors of yarn. It can be your brand preference as long as it's a #4 WW yarn.
       I have used Red Heart Super Saver for mine.  You could also use Caron Simply Soft, Red Heart Soft,
       Vanna's Choice or something similar
             1. Your first color needs to be dark. Color C
             2. Your second color needs to be a lighter shade of your first color. Color B
             3. Your third color needs to be a neutral.  Color A
                  For example:  Windsor Blue, Country Blue, Aran
                                        Dark Sage, Light Sage, Aran
                                        Claret, Dusty Rose, Cream
Yarn Qty: Small - 6oz each color
                Med -  12oz each color
                Large - 18oz each color
Hook size: H (this is what I use, but again, you can use the hook size you are most comfortable with as the pattern will work for any size.
Here is what we are working on the "Camo Afghan"

 Tip:  So you don't have so many ends to weave in at the end, work over the beginning "tail" as you start each new section

I keep hearing of more and more friends joining in and it puts a smile on my face :)
What do you think so far?  I love playing with color combinations for this design!  (Can you tell?)
The green one was perfect for my little nephew, the pink one I started for my mom and the blue one...well, I don't know yet but I'm sure it will go to a happy home.

Now,  If you haven't already,  Make sure you go to my website and enter daily for my Freebie February I am hosting to celebrate my birthday this month.  Every day, I will draw another winner for their CFD individual pattern of choice.  Click on this link to take you to the form

AND,  we are joined in the Hookin On Hump Day with Moogly fun last week.  If you have a moment,  hop on over to see what other wonderful blogs you can find!

  Feb 12th update on my afghan:


  1. I am planning a baby blanket! Just found out my niece was born today! Starting my out with Lemon.

    1. Ooo, Lemon is so summery :) Hooray for babies!

    2. Next will be a bright yellow, followed by calliope which is a rainbow of colors. Not sure how it will turn out. But will shall see you never know!

  2. I just found your blog through the Arts and Crafts group Fibers Google. I really like your blog as well as your creations. New follower of yours via GFC and I added you to my Google+ circles. Your CAL will be interesting, I'll try to participate each day and follow your directions, I found it today. I would like to invite you to my blog I'll leave the link at the end of this message. You give us inspiration :)
    Marisa from

    1. Thank you Marisa. I'm following your site now. I Love the paper flowers and had to "Pin" it for future reference


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