Monday, February 24, 2014

Featured Crafter: Little Luvies Shop

Good Monday morning everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

I'm happy to introduce you to another wonderful friend I have come to know through Crochet.  Jennifer  is the gal behind Little Luvies Shop and has been a tester for me since day. She has been a huge support through all my ups and downs.  Jennifer also designs on her own, so I hope you will take some time to visit some of her social sites and see what she is up to.

 I am Jennifer: 35 years old, married to Daniel and a WAHM of one energetic three year old, Emilee.  I started Little Luvies (now Little Luvies Shop) in 2011 making cloth diaper covers and tag blankets.  After Emilee was no longer in diapers, my desire to make diapers diminished.  Little Luvies Shop changed direction and entered the wonderful world of crochet.  I learned the basics...ok, basically a chain and double crochet...when I was 9 from my mom.  I dabble with a baby blanket or learning new stitches and making granny squares over the years, but it wasn't until right after I turned 33 that I found my real love for crochet.
What is your main business focus?
    My business focus is pattern designing.  I love making things that are practical and useful but also love designing things with texture.

What is your greatest accomplishment or what are you most proud of?

    I'd have to say the thing I'm most proud of in my business life was writing my first pattern (Swirly Whirly Firecracker Hat).  I've made a lot of things over the last few years off the cuff, but actually seeing something I created being made by others in the testing phase was definitely a pride-filled moment.  I still love seeing it 24 patterns later.

What is something you struggle with?
    My biggest struggle would have to be finishing things I start.  I definitely have crochet A.D.D.  I start something, get bored with it or get inspired to create something new so I put it down and never go back to it.  I've started a couple different afghans over the years that, after sitting in my WIP bag for years, I've gifted as scarves.
What is your go to tool of choice for your projects and why? 
    I love Susan Bates hooks!  I'd never used anything other than Boye hooks until about two years ago.  My tension was always so tight it was hard to work in my stitches; my stitches were uneven.  I'd heard others praise of other brands of hooks and decided to try them one at a time and see if I liked any of them better than Boye.  I purchased a set of generic bamboo hooks that were shaped much like Susan Bates.   My tension and stitches changed drastically for the better.  But, I didn't like using them for cotton...they just didn't glide as well.  So, I tried Susan Bates hooks next and fell in love!  I gifted the Boye and bamboo hooks to a friend, and I've never used anything else since.  I have heard of others having the opposite problem, though, but for me these were a god-send!
What is something crazy/fun about you that others may not know?
    I am ambidextrous with most things, but I can only crochet left handed.  As hard as I've tried to do it right handed, it just feels wrong!

AND as a gift to all of Crafting Friends Designs followers, Jennifer is offering some Huge discounts in her Ravelry ShopUse code CFD50 to receive 50% off of all of her eBooks (WOW!) Or use code CFD30 to receive 30% off all individual patterns.  Codes effective Feb 24th - March 2nd 2014.

Well, in a nutshell,  There is a wonderful person behind some fun designs!  You can visit her other social sites by clicking on the photos in this post.  I hope you have found a new hidden talent to follow :) 
Thanks Jen for taking the time during your busy move to let us get to know you!

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