Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February WIP Challenge Results

I knew it, I knew it! ~ I knew I wasn't the only one who has a big WIP (work in progress) pile of projects.
Last week, I issued the challenge on my FaceBook page to post a photo of WIP's.  Everyone was given the weekend to complete as many of the projects in the photos as possible. 
This is what we accomplished from the challenge:

 This is the pile I began with on Friday.  10 projects and most have been in a box for at least a year.  The  Patriotic afghan has sat the longest, so I knew I wanted to tackle that for sure.  Then the White and blue Diamond Capelet was started when I was designing the pattern and I'm not sure why I didn't just finish it.  I had my 5yr old try it on and it was just the right length.  All I had to do was add the border and ties...WHY was that so hard???
Crafting Friends
 So, here is how my 2 projects look now they are complete.  Had my little ones cooperated over the weekend,  I would have accomplished more.  I am determined to get through them though and will keep this challenge going!

Now, for the other challenge participants :)

Beth Masog
Beth was able to complete a few from her stash and I give her credit - Sewing all the extra's onto hats is NOT my cup of tea.  They look great Beth and look how cute those little baby shoes are!
Beth Masog
Next we have Molly Waddell.  She had this fun and bright scarf she was working on
Molly Waddell
I think it's really pretty and my girls would love one too <3  Great job Molly!
Molly Waddell

 Pamela Emerson had a couple of projects in the works, but also had some pattern tests she needed to finish for some other designers.  She ended up completing this darling set of fingerless gloves for Charmed by Ewe.
Pamela Emerson

Pamela Emerson

 Lindsey Strippelhoff had a Viking helmet started.  She didn't get it completed but was able to finish a couple of other projects.
Lindsey Strippelhoff

Lindsey Strippelhoff

Rebecca Carrier was on a roll!!!  She had a good size stash like me and look at what she finished.
Rebecca Carrier

Rebecca Carrier

Rebecca Carrier

Rebecca Carrier
Rebecca Carrier

Here are some other projects submitted.  Some were unable to finish them and others, I haven't heard back from yet.  Hopefully they have time this week :)

Francie has a good reason - A brand new baby!  Congrats Francie

Stephanie Viesca

Leah Field

Rachel Walters

Alena Gallardo
Once again - Thank you to everyone who joined in!  
Those who sent in finished photos were entered into a random drawing for their chance to win 10 individual patterns of choice from Crafting Friends Designs
 and here are the results:

List Randomizer

There were 5 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Pamela Emerson
  2. Molly Waddell
  3. Beth Masog
  4. Lindsey Strippelhoff
  5. Rebecca Carrier
Timestamp: 2014-02-25 14:12:16 UTC

Congrats to Pamela Emerson for winning! Everyone else on the list will receive 1 individual pattern of choice just for joining in.

Now, let's all keep our WIP's out and keep 'em moving!

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