Monday, January 20, 2014

Featured Crafter: Stiches of Love by Janicea

 I am happy to introduce you to Janicea Stinchcomb. Janicea is the owner of "Stitches of Love by Janicea". She started testing for me last year and is great to work with.  Here is a little bit about her to help you get to know her.

What is your main focus of your business?
     The main Focus of my business is made to order crochet items.
I take special request for any item that you may need or want. I love creating new items to share with the world. I do eventually want to design more patterns in the near future.

 Stitches of Love by Janicea on Ravelry

What is your biggest accomplishment?
        My greatest accomplishment was selling my first pattern which was this frog coaster.
I know it may seem silly, but I was so proud of my self and I knew I could do it. It seemed like it would take for ever knowing there were thousands of choices out there but I DID IT!
Frog Coaster pattern on Etsy

What is something you struggle with?
      The one thing that I do struggle with is continued sales in ready made items and pattern sales. I live in South Georgia so the weather is not quite right for a lot of crochet warmth, and as we all no cyber advertising is not cheap.

 Janicea's Craftsy shop

 What advise would you give someone just starting out in the craft world?
       If you are just starting out in the crochet world don't be afraid to ask questions. There are still a few of us out here that are friendly crafters.

Is there someone in the craft community that you admire and why?
      I have not been in the crafting community to long but the one person that have met so far and have turned to for advice and I admire would be Kate Wagstaff. Kate is a honest person and if she can help in any way she will. She is an amazing designer and a friend! Thanks Kate for all you do!

Stitches of Love by Janicea's blog

 Ahh, Thanks Janicea!  I am happy to help in any way I can.  I honestly believe that we are here to help each other out and if we treat others with kindness,  life will be a whole lot easier!    So, now that you know a little about the gal behind the scenes, please take a moment to look at her work and if you're not a fan already, hop on over to her FaceBook page and let her know I sent you :)

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