Friday, April 3, 2015

New Crochet Pattern: Spring Garden Photo Prop Sensory Mat

Spring Garden Prop/Sensory Blanket

For Round 5 of the Battle of the Stitches Crochet challenge, I asked Lisa Jell of Kaleidoscope Art & Gifts to choose the theme and stitch.  She chose to use the Moorish Motif with "On the Wings of Spring" as the theme.  This was a beautiful choice, but not an easy task.  Each challenger needed to use the Moorish Motif as the focus of their design.  I knew I wanted to do another photography prop but I really struggled with how to use the motif at first.  I knew I wanted to get a great texture in the mat and wanted to pull in the spring theme.  Then I had an idea - a Themed mat!  I didn't know if it would work or not.  I thought it was a cute idea, but would photographers really use it? 

The More I worked, the more I liked it.  My youngest daughter kept playing with the flowers and the bee stuffie. I knew if it wasn't something that photographers to use, it would be awesome as a sensory mat and toy for kids because of the texture.  
The Mat has small bumps on the bottom for the dirt texture, then a row of a different stitch that sticks up for the grass and then a wonderful 3rd texture for the sky section.  This texture also makes for a cushy mat! 

This entire collection of patterns is now available in the Battle of the Stitches Round 5 eBook along with 13 other fantastic designs for just $5.95.  This pattern will be released in my shop after 4/15/15 for the same price.  How awesome to get 14 patterns for the price of 1!!??

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