Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall into Service 2014 Challenge

Each year, I like to try and find some service projects to work on.  I start thinking about the nights getting colder and snow will be here before we know it. Growing up in Utah, you KNOW that winter will typically be cold and we'll have at least 1 extremely big snow storm, maybe more. 

I have been very fortunate in my life to always have the things necessary to be comfortable whether it's gloves and a hat or blankets to stay warm.   I think we all go through stages in life where finances are tight, but I've never been "without".  It breaks my heart to know that there are so many families who are struggling right now and may not be able to afford warm items for their families this year or maybe they have lost their home for some reason or another and will need to rely on shelters to stay safe and warm in the months to come. 

Ribbon Candy V Scarf
I invite you to join me for a "Fall into Service" project for the next month.  What am I asking you to do?  It's simple.  Use your talents as a service in your community.  Maybe there is a hospital near you who could use some little blankets for preemie babies.  Maybe a Senior Center could use some handmade items to bring some love to the Senior citizens they care for (many of which may not have family close by or at all and a little service would be so appreciated by them) 
Maybe you have a Women's shelter that could use little dresses for dolls for kids to play with.  A Homeless shelter that could use hats, scarves, blankets, clothes, ets.  OR, maybe you just have an amazing neighbor who you would like to give something handmade to in appreciation of them.

Rocky Road Kitchen Towel Top
Whatever you choose to do, Service for others can make a HUGE impact on everyone.  So,  Choose how you will serve others in your area, take a photo of your projects and send them to me at by October 31st with "Falling into Service" in your title.In November,  I will share the photos of all your projects on my page and will draw Random winners for Random prizes.  I will be giving away several pattern packs, Snappy Tots and Too Yarn Cute have also joined this cause and will be donating patterns too!

To help give you a head start, ALL individual patterns in my shop are 75% off through Sept 20th using code FALL14
      1.  Visit & select Store
      2. Add any individual patterns to your cart that you think would help you in your service.
      3.  Check out and be sure to enter code FALL14 and select "apply"
      Discount will be given
There are also Many FREE patterns available too!
I would love to hear what other service projects you like to focus on.  Maybe it will help give others some ideas too!


  1. I don't know if this would qualify but my granddaughter is going to Africa in December. She is going to be volunteering for Special Needs children in Uganda. I am in the process of making headbands for the girls and mini frisbee discs for the boys <3

    1. Sally, absolutely! We would love to see some photos of what you are making and we can share it on the page. Please email me the photos and info to and I will add them to the album and give you a chance to win some patterns.


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