Friday, May 9, 2014

Help me name this design for a chance to win the pattern

Who is ready for another fun design?  How many of you liked the Sassy skirt posted a few weeks ago?
I have a fun new skirt that is about ready for release and it needs a name.  This one uses a small amount of Sassy, but I chose the Sassy Lace this time.  Many of you have commented that you are unable to find it, so I will post a few links for you.

 Red Heart Sassy Lace on Amazon

Though I'm not Fabulous, I do love to play with colors in my designs.  I've always really liked the pink, white and blue or even grey color combo, so I had to try it out on the new skirt.

This skirt will include sizes 18" doll/Preemie - Child 16. 
It uses I Love This Cotton and requires 3 colors for the pattern to work out right.

So, help me give it a name and I'd love to hear what 3 colors you would use.
If I choose use the name you suggest, you will receive a copy of this pattern.  AND,  I will randomly draw names to win from those who comment.  The more the merrier...

Thanks for helping me out!  Have a great weekend everyone.  We'll choose a winner on Tuesday 5/13/14

Notice: This post contains affiliate links which means I may make commission on sales. 


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