Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Snappy Tots!

It's always fun to meet other Crochet Designers and even more awesome when you find out they live nearby.  I've had the opportunity to meet Heidi from Snappy Tots and I just ADORE her!  She is so pretty and creative and fun and talented and fabulous at designing.  I have been able to get to know her better and work with her over the past few months and when I found out that she celebrates her birthday this month - I HAD to do something special for her and her fans!!

If you follow Snappy Tots already, you know she loves bright and cheery colors.  Recently, she designed "Miss Snappy".  Such a cute little doll who loves to play and has a clothing line that's just her style.

Enter - my new design - Spots of Fun Infinity Cowl. This was designed for Miss Snappy and of course, I had to include the larger sizes too.  Little girls would love a matching scarf with a Snappy doll! 
And while we're at it,  teens and adults look great in them. This design is so easy to customize.  Short, Long, Thin, Wide - all are great options available.  You can get your copy of the pattern here: Spots of Fun Infinity Cowl

Thanks to Magic Mommy's Yarning for testing

Bright Spots of Fun doll sized cowls

Spots of Fun Infinity Cowl by Crafting Friends Designs

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