Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sweet & Sassy Skirt and Accessories

I always find it fun to try out new products to design with.  A couple of years ago, Red Heart Sashay was all the rage for scarves and I wanted to be different and use it for my Princess Britt dress.  I work it up slightly different than what Red Heart suggests, but it was easier for me and the results were amazing! I love the look of the Sashay and was excited to see a new option  come out recently. 

Have you heard of Red Heart's Sassy Fabric?  It's still pretty new and there are a few patterns out there, but I wanted something for my girls again. 
I've designed a new skirt and a few accessories for my girls to wear and they couldn't wait to wear them out!

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Affiliate Link

The skirt was fun enough, but what little girl doesn't like bracelets or flowers?  Of course I had to make the accessories to go with it :)

The skirt is available for sale through www.craftingfriendsdesigns.com and will be on Sale through April 30, 2013. Sizes include: Preemie/18" doll through Child 12

Sweet & Sassy Skirt from Crafting Friends Designs

The Accessories will be available later this week as free patterns offered here on my blog, so keep your eyes out for them. 

Another cute design using Sassy Lace will also be coming this month...How could I resist trying that one too when I have 3 little girls to dress up?

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