Thursday, July 24, 2014

Featured Crafter: Too Yarn Cute by Stacy

Too Yarn Cute by Stacy is our Featured Crafter for this week.  You may remember the review I was able to do a few months ago for the magazine - well,  This is the gal behind the scenes and she has many of her own designs to share.  I've had the chance to get to know Stacy over the past few months and work with her closely during the Battle of the Stitches crochet challenge. She has such a HUGE heart and a desire to help everyone around her.  I have come to appreciate her as a designer, a business woman and a friend! 

What is your main business focus?
We love to feature "up and coming" and "Seasoned" designers in our issues. We are a mix between a "e-book" and a "print magazine", so we will take your pattern and put it into a magazine layout, but at the same time, it's still printer friendly for your fans and our readers. Having your pattern in an "magazine" layout, really makes your pattern shine highlighting YOU!

What is your greatest accomplishment or what are you most proud of?
I would have to say our greatest accomplishment is listening to our contributing designers as well as our fans. Our line of communication is always open for everyone! We have made many changes since debuting our first issue 7 months ago, and that is because of the wonderful suggestions and yes, even complaints to make our product better! I was told once by my team member, "You gave birth to this baby, and it takes the village to raise it". That really stuck with me! So, for those suggestions, and complaints, have made the eMag what it is now and we'll continue to grow!
Rudolph Movie Lovey Collection

What is something you struggle with?
There are many struggles, but to make a spin on it, Too Yarn Cute's Crochet eMagazine is the internet's "Best Kept Secret"!  Our exposure is slowly gaining exposure despite all the "rules" Facebook and many other social media platforms have thrown at us.

Is there someone in the craft community that you admire and why?
I have come to admire so many designers in our new venture! I'm meeting so many designers and have become friends with so many! They all have their own unique style that they stand out individually. But as a whole, I admire them all!

What is your go to tool of choice for inspiration for designs and why?
As silly as it is, when I'm in a designing mood for my own personal designs, but am out of ideas... I ask my husband, or my kids! Many of the designs I have come up with is just by inspiration of watching, or asking those around me.
What is something crazy/fun about you that others may not know
Fun Snack: Oh my gosh! I have to share with you my favorite snack! Sour Cream/Cheddar Chips dipped into cottage cheese! Yum!
Crazy Fact: I personally don't think it's "crazy" because I don't know any different, but when people find out they always say "Thats so crazy! how do you do it?!" ... I just do... I am hard of hearing and legally blind with under 20% of my vision left. "Tunnel-vision" is what most people understand it as. My vision is progressively deterioriating and will eventually be gone. My piece of advice, "See everything with brand new eyes, there is bound to be something you've never seen in it before". As for how I do it, I have "tools" My computer is equipped with Zooming technology, as well as "text-to-speech" programs. If you ask me, that voice is extremely annoying, so I use zoom a lot more than speech! My husband is probably the tool that I use the most! He tells me if I'm using Yellow or Pink, Black or Blue, and also sets up a space for me to photograph items in. He's also a great handsome model too! 
 So, now you know a little more about Stacy.  I had to share some of my favorite designs from her shop.  When I was a little girls (this will age me a little) I used to go over to my aunts during the holidays and she was always watching the old Rudolph VHS movies.  Back then, I thought the animation on them was a little creepy.  The Snowman walked pretty crazy, but now, it's a wonderful memory of her that I will always treasure!  These little loveys and hats are just adorable and now is the time to start working on them to get ahead of the Christmas season. (It always seems to sneak up on me!)

So, whether you are looking for some fun individual designs or a magazine with many, Too Yarn Cute has them all

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  1. Thanks for sharing a little more about Stacy. I just love Too Yarn Cute Magazine. I am honored to part of her Bizzy family.


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