Friday, January 20, 2012

Utah Jazz

I had a request to make a Utah Jazz scarf, but they wanted the Jazz logo to be part of the scarf pattern and not on top.

The only graph I have ever made or followed, was for the American flag afghan I made for a Veteran in my town. (he was an amazing man and I knew he would appreciate it and respect it).  The flag afghan really only used 1 or maybe 2 strands of yarn attached at the same time, so it was not difficult at all.  This project, I knew would take some thinking and many working strands of yarn at a time.

I graphed out the logo and started crocheting.  The first attempt didn't work out how I thought it should, so I ripped it apart :(  I re-graphed it again, hoping to make it better and sure enough - after crocheting a bit - I didn't like that either... so, I slept on it and decided to pick it up again the next day.  This time, I altered the way I did the stitches just a little and was on a roll!!!  I started the graph on Jan 16th and here it is the 20th and this is what I have accomplished.

I'm quite pleased with it and have graphed it out on the computer for future use.

It could be worked into so many differnt things- scarf, pillow, frame it and hang it, but that will have to wait for now.  I have a bunch of hats that need to be made.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Keep it safe and stay warm

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