Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to: Begin

My mom taught me how to crochet when I was 10 yrs old.  As you can imagine, trying to hold the crochet hook the way you are supposed to was very awkward for me.  The advise my mom gave me was to hold it how ever it felt comfortable.  This is how I ended up holding the hook:

So - good advise! You have to feel comfortable holding the hook, or you will never finish a project.  If you do, and you still aren't comfortable holding the hook, chances are, you won't crochet much more.

The second thing she taught me was to wrap the yarn around my pinky in order to give tension to the yarn to keep my stitches even.  This was also very awkward for me and I really hated it.  So, once again, I held it how I felt comfortable and this is it:

I place it so it goes over my pointer finger, under the 2 middle fingers and back over my pinky.  My middle finger and thumb hold the blaket.  I have found that the control with that works the best for me.  So, you can wrap it around your finger, or weave it in and out...what ever makes you the most comfortable and still gives you control of the yarn.  It is very important to have that tension in order to maintain even stitches throughout your project.

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