Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Butterfly Dress

I just created this Butterfly Dress over the last few days.  It took a few times of crochet and unraveling to get it how I wanted it.  I liked it as I was making it, but now that it's complete, I'm not sure what I think.  It looks different than I imagined...Anyone else run into this?  Maybe it will grow on me. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few more dresses to the closet

I have been so busy with canning spaghetti sauce and this coming week will be peaches that I lost track of time on my posts.  In between the canning, I have been able to make a few more dresses. The first one (purple) I used a pattern in a book that I have.  To be honest, I wasn't sure I liked all the ruffle when I finished it, but looking at the picture now,  I think I do.  I am one for simple patterns and while I liked teh look of this dress, I hated keeping track of which row I was on in the pattern.  So...the next 2 dresses were my own version of the pattern.  The blue and cream one, I like, but it is quite slim.  The Green and White one, I decided to try and make it a little more flowy and I think it worked.  I wrote the instructions down as I made it, but need to test them on another dress to make sure they are actually understandable before I type it all up.  If you would be interested in the pattern, please let me know.

Forest Green & White

The 4th dress I had seen on one of the websites that I frequent and loved it so I decided to purchase the  pattern from to make for my girls.  It started out for my 1 1/2 yr old and I even used a smaller hook than was called for and I decided I must crochet much larger than the creator of the pattern.  As I finished the Yoke of the dress, I realized it would fit my 3yr old, so I comprimised and just adjusted the rest of the dress for her. So, I didn't actually follow the rest of the pattern - though I plan to on the next one. We tried it on her several times along the way to make sure it was still working.  This is the end result (minus the buttons...I don't have any large enough for the button holes yet)  I think it turned out quite cute, but I will be making up my own pattern for my younger daughter.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Red Bead Dress

I finished this dress this morning and LOVE it!  There are over 200 red beads and I used a red ribbon to tie the back...The difference is, the others are left completely open in the back and this one I connected at the waist.  I am now in search of different color beads in order to have a good variety.  I almost purchased green the other day...I gues I should have...I might have to make a trip to the store and see if they are still there.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Beaded Baby Dresses

I have never used beads in my crocheting until now.  I thought these dresses would be pretty with beads and decided to give it a try.  The first one I did was the white one.  I only put around 30 beads on my yarn and worked them in accross the front just below the chest and then a few in the body.  I loved how it looked, but realized that I needed a ton more, but wasn't willing to cut the yarn and add more.  I don't like having ends in the middle of things.

The second one I made with beads is the pink dress and I used the white as a template and counted out where I wanted them in the stitches...this time I ended up with 201 beads.  It is hard to see in the pictures because I used clear beads on both of thes dresses, but  I used 18 beads around each arm hole and the remaining  I scattered throughout the body. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

More dresses for sale

I was finally able to get the ribbon on these dresses.  I have 2 others that are complete, but I'm out of the white ribbon, so I will post those next week.  I decided I wanted to try and make something for a boy.  I purchased a pattern book from the store a week or so ago and finally opened it today to start working on a jacket.  To my disappointment, this pattern was for knitting...I guess I will have to keep searching for the right one.  If any of you know a good pattern for baby boys, please let me know.

#9 Plum Purple and Vanilla

#10 Light Yellow and White

#11 Light Pink

#12 Light Yellow

Friday, August 26, 2011

Baby Dress Pattern

I was able to type up the pattern for the Diamond Baby Dress last night.  It is available to purchase for $1 on the right  side of the blog.  This is in html format as my pdf program is having issues right now.  The file will be emailed to you within 24 hrs of receipt of payment. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Dresses

I have completed 3 more baby dresses and ran out of yarn or I would have made more.  I was able to create my own version of 1 pattern I have used and came up with another pattern that is completely my own.  I will post them as soon as I am able to write it down (I had just made it up as I went, but wasn't sure it would work so it's all in my head)

If you have ever had any doubts about trying to crochet clothes - It is surprisingly easier than it seems. The only problem I have found is that there are very few patterns I think are cute - which has brought me to create my own. Go ahead and give it a try.  Let your inner creativity come out and you just might be surprised at what you can accomplish. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

#2 & 3 Dresses

Here are the pictures of the 2nd and 3rd dresses I was able to make this weekend. 
given to Halle Arnold

Preemie Baby Dress

I have always been to intimidated to try and crochet clothing.  I would imagine myself working a few rows and unraveling everything to start over a dozen times and then getting so frustrated that I would give up.  Over the  last 7 months, I have made so many baby afghans for the hospital projects my friend does that they don't really need any more right now. She makes the clothes for the babies to go with the afghans and hasn't had enough time to keep up with me.  She is one very talented and very busy woman!  When I grow up, I hope to be like her :) Any way,  I have seen a bunch of baby clothes lately and think they are darling, so I decided it was time to get over my fear and just jump in. 

I found this website
There are a bunch of different patterns posted for clothes for babies who have passed away.  I was inspired and found this pattern that looked quite simple.

I started it and finished it in the same night!  It is an extemely easy pattern to follow and looks darling.  I loved it so much, that I made 3 in 3 days!  My niece even asked if she could have one for her doll that she received for her birthday.  It was a perfect fit and she was a happy girl (which makes me happy to see someone enjoy something I've made).  I'm not sure which hospital these will end up going to, but it is a fun project.  If you are looking for a service project, give this a try.  It only takes around 3oz of yarn and very little can whip up a bunch in no time and a hospital near you would be thankful :)


Friday, August 12, 2011

#104 Afghan

I finished afghan #104 today.  It is made using the Brick Stitch pattern and Red Hearts colors Black, Grey and Heather.  It is 5'x3'8".  This one is for sale on the right side of the page for $70 (shipping within the Cont. US is included in the cost)