Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Wonderful World of Yarn

Do you ever have trouble deciding what yarn to choose for a project when
going to the store, standing in an isle full of many yarn variations and colors?

I must admit that I'm a creature of habit and I tend to stick with using the same brand/type of yarn for a good amount of time.  When I first started crocheting (many, many moons ago)  I only made afghans and because I was only 10 when I started, I used what was the least expensive which was Red Heart Super Saver yarn
Free Petal Stitch Afghan pattern
I really like this yarn for afghans because it is warm and easy to work with and has such a huge variety of colors.

As I started designing baby clothing, I didn't want such a think yarn and fell in love with Caron Simply Soft yarn.  It is so nice to use something that I don't have to worry about it itching the baby's skin.  The ONLY thing that I don't like about Simply Soft is that the threads of the yarn can split often and make it slightly more difficult to work with at times.  It does have some beautiful colors to choose from and I love making baby afghans with it too!

  We can't forget about the fun Boutique Sashay yarn!  I thought the scarves were really pretty that everyone was making with it - but I HAD to try something different with it!!  I absolutely love how these dresses turned out and my girls are still wearing theirs often and still get compliments every time.
 Princess Britt Infant pattern
Then Summertime came and I needed to use something that would not be to hot to wear and I tried out.  I had tried Cotton at one point, but it seemed really stiff to me and hurt my shoulder to work with...Utill I tried Red Heart's Creme de la Creme.  It is available locally and is easy to work with.  It has such fun verigated colors to choose from and is reasonably priced. 

Now, I'm on to a new yarn...Red Heart Soft.  It is pretty comparable to Simply Soft, but it doesn't seem to split like Simply Soft does.  The plus side to this is that it is available in my local store also and Simply Soft is not.  I am a huge fan of the deeper colors such as Burgandy, Navy Blue and so on.  The shades available in this yarn are great and I will be using it more! 

So,  How do you choose which yarn you want to use?

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