Friday, January 17, 2014

Presbyterian Symbol Graph

Months and Months ago, a friend asked me to create a pattern for this symbol.  It was slightly out of my norm since this is not my religion, but I was up to the challenge :)  Graphs are not my favorite thing to do since you often have more than 1 skein of yarn attached to the project at the same time.  The other thing I'm not a fan of is that most graphs are worked in Single Crochet (it seems to take for ever to make things with).  But,  I have designed one before and I knew I could do it again.
Now, when it comes to graphs, I know a bunch of people who use some software and just put the photo in and it will give you the graph.  I personally do not trust that process.  I've just seen a few things not look the way they should once crocheted even though it looks good on paper.  So, as usual, I actually worked up the project and made the adjustments as I crocheted.  It was frogged a few times but overall, I'm happy with the end result.
Since this is a Religious symbol, the graph is available for free on my website.  It is only a graph of the symbol and not a written pattern for making a specific item.  It could be used for a variety of things such as a scarf, wall hanging or pillow.  I was designing it to be used by a preacher, so I chose to use Caron Simply Soft yarn.  Because it's on the thinner side of WW yarn and it's soft, it gives a better feel for a scarf. 
So, if you are interested in making one,  It is available for free and instant download here:

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