Monday, January 27, 2014

Featured Crafter: Hatch-ed With Love

Welcome to our Featured Crafter post (week 3)

This week you will meet the talented Miss Jennifer of Hatch-ed With Love.  Jen is another crochet designer with some really fun patterns!  Take a moment to get to know her a little better and visit her site.

What is the main focus of Hatch-ed With Love?
My main business focus is pattern writing!! I began as wanting to sell my handmade things but more people were interested in patterns. After I finally gave in and wrote up my first pattern, I was hooked!! I never thought I would be able write patterns that would sell, so I never tried. I love learning and there is still so much I want to learn!!

Hatch-ed With Love on Storenvy

What is your greatest accomplishment?

 My greatest accomplishment would be starting my page and getting my name out there. My grandma always told me that I needed to sell my things. I had no idea on where to begin, after she passed away in 2011, I went searching for a way to get my name out there. Facebook pages were just starting to become popular, my cousins girlfriend told me to start one. I told her that if she could think of a catchy name then I would do it and that is where Hatch-ed With Love came from. And is my biggest accomplishment to this day!! 

What is something you struggle with?
 Something I struggle with.. everything!! I'm bad a time management, I'm bad at writing notes down, I'm bad at buying way too much yarn, I'm bad at saving money, I'm a sucker for buying patterns I may never use. There is a lot of struggling. But without struggling you would not be successful. I struggle sometimes to push forward, but I know if I don't continue to push I will go nowhere!!

What advice do you have for someone who is just starting in the craft business?
Advice for someone starting out... Practice and patience. It takes practice to be successful, the more you practice the better your products will turn out. Patience is a must. Without patience you will get nowhere. Even when you feel like business is slow, if you are patient, people will come when you are least expecting it!! Don't be afraid to put your name out there like I was in the beginning!!
Who is someone you admire in the craft business?
Someone I admire in the craft community would be Tera from Trifles N Treasures!! I just love the passion she has about crocheting. She gets an idea and within minutes, she has a pattern. I love how easy her patterns are to follow and I love how much she has branched out (pun intended) with making the wooden crochet hooks. She is the friendliest most caring person ever. She has the biggest heart and is not afraid to help someone out!! She has encouraged me so much when I have been down and felt like giving up!! I recommend everyone to go buy ALL her patterns!!

Well, There ya have it!  Jennifer is one of my "online" friends who I get along with very well.  If she lived close to me, I could see us sitting on the patio crocheting and chatting away :)
And...I have to agree with her - Tera is a wonderful person and hopefully I will be able to feature her in the near future!

The last photo to share with you is:
The Love Your Kidneys Beanie (this one she is donating $1 from all sales to the National Kidney Foundation)


  1. I love Jennifer and her patterns. She is a sweetheart!

  2. Awww~what a wonderful interview! So nice to "get to know" the designers behind the designs! And Thanks for the shout-outs <3 You ladies are pretty awesome!

  3. she has some really cute designs!! I'll have to go check them out! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Coming to visit you from Sara Duggan's place. Very cute work you do, wish you the best!


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