Thursday, July 19, 2012

Swirly Whirly Childs Sundress Pre-Release Giveaway

I am so excited to be able to release the first Child size pattern I've made.  To celebrate the occasion, let's do a giveaway before it is available for purchase. 
1. Leave your name and email in 1 comment below (if you prefer not to leave your email in the comments, please email me at so I have it listed and have a way to contact you if by chance you win)
2.Tell me what colors you would use to make this dress
3. And how you would photograph it - How you would make it a fun photo. 

I will only add 1 entry per person and only if all of the above are mentioned. Winner will be chosen through tomorrow morning at 8am MST.

Here are a few more dresses from the wonderful women who have tested this pattern for me :)
Dress made by Chelsea (worn by her daugher)

Dress made by Lori (worn by her daugher)

Dress made by Amber from CraftyBunkerCreations
(worn by her daughter)


  1. 1.Tiffany Franklin
    2.Would likely make it in red and lightish blue
    3. to to make "thing 1 and thing 2" and photograph my twin, trouble-causing cousins. (I feel sorry for their teacher--they start school this year! lol)

  2. Planning to use this pattern for Halloween actually. to make my niece a clown! LOL I plan to get the rainbow(also called circus)ruffle yarn for the bottom and white for the top.. I plan to crochet colorful circles for the top and I have a pattern for a clown hat to complete it! Can not wait until pattern is released!


  3. Rebecca: I'd love to make this in lime and purple or pink and increase the size to make a cute adult shirt for myself to wear!

  4. Crystal Naylor

    I would crochet the dress in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple)...

    I'm not very good with photos so I would send it to my photography friend and have her take a picture of it for me...

  5. Angela Marshall I am really excited about this as well. Since the weather is warm down here well into the holidays I think it could be perfect as A Halloween costume. Maybe a witch's dress with orange/black or even a princess dress! Excited ;-)

  6. Angela Marshall I am really excited about this as well. Since the weather is warm down here well into the holidays I think it could be perfect as A Halloween costume. Maybe a witch's dress with orange/black or even a princess dress! Excited ;-)

  7. Debbie Constable
    I'd use a combination of pink, orange, and green. I'd photograph my niece in it while she's doing her karaoke!! So cute!

  8. Sumi Funayama (

    I would make this in two shades of blue - one dark and rich and the other light.

    To make it fun, I would photograph it right after my daughter finished twirling in it.

  9. I would make it in hot pink, black,and white , the little girl I would make it for is dainty and princessy, I would give her a crown and a wand and see what fun mischief we could get into !April Meyer Taylor

  10. Penny Eaton
    I would make this in a black/white or black/silver gray combo with some hot pink accents. My 5yr old granddaughter loves to twirl, so twirling in the park would probably be my photo of choice:)

  11. Michelle Wulf
    My daughter says she would like it in red and purple. :)
    To make it a fun photo, I would take pictures of her playing near a creek. I'm sure there would be dancing involved as she loves to dance and perform for the camera. :)

  12. Kristina Kowalski Jolley

    The colors I would chose are either pink/white/brown combo or a variegated blue combo.

    As far as photographing to make it fun well depending on the colors I chose a field of wildflowers (if there is any with the heat) or even a beach scene would be awesome.

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  14. 1. Lori Warnock -
    2. hot pink, black, white
    3. It's for my youngest daughter and I would photograph her surrounded in the zinnias in my garden

  15. 1) Melissa Lodahl
    2) I would use pink & brown
    3) for the photo I would probably take her up to our local park & take multiple pics of her playing.

  16. Laura Simon

    I would used medium pink and a light pink shimmer...
    I would also use a medium blue and a light blue shimmer

    then I would photograph my two children while we are on extended stay away from family twirling together and send it home to their grandparents and friends who would surely smile!!!

  17. 1. Amanda "Mandie" Lawson

    2. Purples, light and dark as well as a soft or off white.

    3. I don't have a daughter of my own, but I would make it and take pictures of my niece with it on in a field of wild flowers <3

  18. 1.

    2. I would use a pink/brown, a blue/pink or a green/black colors.

    3. I would take my daughter to the fountain here and take a fun photo!! Possibly pair it with a headband or leggings from my shop.

  19. 1. Becky and my email

    2. Bright teal/brown/bright pink.

    3. I would love to take pics of my two girls in matching or coordinating dresses, arounf my gazebo with some of my wrought iron chairs.

    1. Congrats Becky - You were chosen by as the winner!

  20. 1. Leigh Ann Atwell - email is

    2. I would make it in white, purple and aqua.

    3. I would make it for my daughter who is a size 8, and let her wear it to the upcoming County Fair (school colors are purple and white) so she would fit in with all the decorations and I would photograph her at the carnival with all the pretty lights :)

  21. Rebecca Cook
    Eggplant, burnt orange, and mustard yellow
    I would take photo next to some old farm equipment

  22. Amy

    I would use a variegated purple and solid purple :)

    My friend has a little girl who I would make it for and would catch her in an "I love my aunty" pose. She loves crocheted stuff that I make her.

  23. teresa heinz would do in red white and blue then have then run withe streamers or sparklers

  24. Alysia Bulva
    I would love to crochet this in teal and blue, and I would photograph it with a little girl playing in the backyard or jumping on a trampoline, just having a fun day (of course, I'd have to borrow a friend's little girl for that) OR pink and black and get a friend's twin daughters photographed in it while playing together

  25. Carrie Vaughn,
    I would make it in purple and white as that is my favorite combo right now. Not sure about the photo as I am not good with ideas with that, but would definitely have my daughter in it =)

  26. Francie Christensen

    I'd love to make it in purple and white for my niece and photograph her on the beach at Lake Michigan. :)

  27. Jacinta W

    I would use Pink and Yellow

    I would photograph her in the field!! TY

  28. I would love to make this in pastel pink and white, I think. Photos in a flower garden with be great. thank you!!

  29. Brenda

    I would make this pattern in shades of purple, grape, lilac and white..

    I would take a photo of my niece (my grandaughter is only 10 months old right now!) in it, in my hammock swing. My favorite place in the summer..

  30. Kerri Andrews (
    I would make this pattern in shades of pink! Because my daughter wants to be a princess.
    I would then photograph her in it (she's six)cause she's my world sitting in the grass with flowers in her hair!

  31. Shaunna Hallsson

    I would make it in pink and purple or lime green.

    My youngest chicklet is quite the poser so I would get pictures of her at the playground and likely riding her bike. likely in "high heels" and her hair made "bootiful"


  32. And the winner is Becky! Congrats Becky and thanks to everyone who entered :)
    List Randomizer

    There were 28 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
    2.Mindy Lenox
    3.Francie Christensen
    4.April Taylor
    5.Kerri Andrews
    6.Brenda Burkett
    7.Amy Grenier
    8.Melissa Lodahl
    9.Angela Marshal
    10.Tiffany Franklin
    11.Alysia Bulva
    12.Leigh Ann Atwell
    13.Kristina Jolley
    14.Jacinta Wells
    15.Carrie Vaughn
    16.Penny Eaton
    17.Sumi Funayama
    18.Sarah Niccole
    19.Pam Amsdill
    20.Rebecca (Retrendyou)
    21.Lori Warnock
    22.Laura Simon
    23.Michelle Wulf
    24.Rebecca Cook
    25.Crystal Naylor
    26.Mandie Lawson
    27.Debbie Constable
    28.Shaunna Hallsson

    Timestamp: 2012-07-20 14:59:28 UTC

  33. I would do it in earth tones w/ greens. It would be precious for my little great-niece!

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