Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentines Scarves

The newest creations I've been working on:  Red scarves for Valentines (or any other day you need a red accent) 

The first one I made using the waffle stitch - at least how I think the waffle stitch is.  It looks slightly different than what I remember from another blanket, and maybe I should have looked up directions to make sure I was doing it right.  Even if it's not correct, I like how it turned out.

It is 4 ft in length and 5-6" in width.  I love the texture on it, though I can't decide if I want to put fringe on the ends or not....(I'm leaning towards - yes)

Don't you just love my lampshade as the model?  One of thes days I will break down and buy one of those fake head displays to use for pictures - but until then - work with what ya got!

This second one was a little harder to get a picture of the texture.  My camera kept wanting to take a photo of just a plain red scarf.  It isn't even close to being finished, but I love it and couldn't wait to share.  I have the directions written down and graphed already in order to post it for sale when I have a final picture.

I love how the hearts turned out.  What do you think?  My next one, I'm going to do the hearts a different color than the main scarf and see how that turns out.  Now, I'm sure there are most likely other things out there that are similar to this, but it was fun to come up with my own.


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