Sunday, September 11, 2011

A few more dresses to the closet

I have been so busy with canning spaghetti sauce and this coming week will be peaches that I lost track of time on my posts.  In between the canning, I have been able to make a few more dresses. The first one (purple) I used a pattern in a book that I have.  To be honest, I wasn't sure I liked all the ruffle when I finished it, but looking at the picture now,  I think I do.  I am one for simple patterns and while I liked teh look of this dress, I hated keeping track of which row I was on in the pattern.  So...the next 2 dresses were my own version of the pattern.  The blue and cream one, I like, but it is quite slim.  The Green and White one, I decided to try and make it a little more flowy and I think it worked.  I wrote the instructions down as I made it, but need to test them on another dress to make sure they are actually understandable before I type it all up.  If you would be interested in the pattern, please let me know.

Forest Green & White

The 4th dress I had seen on one of the websites that I frequent and loved it so I decided to purchase the  pattern from to make for my girls.  It started out for my 1 1/2 yr old and I even used a smaller hook than was called for and I decided I must crochet much larger than the creator of the pattern.  As I finished the Yoke of the dress, I realized it would fit my 3yr old, so I comprimised and just adjusted the rest of the dress for her. So, I didn't actually follow the rest of the pattern - though I plan to on the next one. We tried it on her several times along the way to make sure it was still working.  This is the end result (minus the buttons...I don't have any large enough for the button holes yet)  I think it turned out quite cute, but I will be making up my own pattern for my younger daughter.


  1. Oh yrs, I would be interested in that pattern you mentioned (the forest green and white dress). My little g'niece is turning a year old next week but she's big for her age, so next summer a size 2 should fit her nicely. Please send the pattern to
    Thanks so much!

  2. I love love love the green and white dress. Will it include directions for newborn size?

  3. All the dress patterns I have been making are for Newborns. I should be able to type it up over the next week. I'm just making a second dress following the pattern to make sure it makes sense.


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