Friday, July 29, 2011

#103 Afghan

The last 2 days I have been working on a baby afghan for a friends grandson.  I finished it last night and am quite happy with how it turned out.  It is made with the Brick Stitch pattern and Caron's Simply soft yarn (Bone, White & Blueberry)  I love these colors together and I think I will make another baby afghan using them, but a different pattern.  I also think the Blueberry and White would be really pretty with yellow, so I may give that a try also.  This is where I find myself in a dilema...I love choosing new color combinations and don't have enough time to make them all!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

June Giveaway afghan completed

My 100th afghan is complete! Shanna Cunning was the winner of this afghan and she chose to have a solid cream color using the brick stitch pattern. I used Caron's Simply Soft Vanilla yarn and love how it turned out. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Camo Afthan

A while ago, I decided I wanted to make up a new afghan pattern.  My grandma had given me one she made diagonally.  I thought it would be interesting to try since I had never made one this way before.  I asked her for the pattern, but she had made it up as she went and didn't have one.  Hers was just Double Crochet and I wanted to try something a little different.  This is what I came up with.

This green afghan will be given to my nephew.  I have yarn to make a pink one and a blue one and I think i will sell them.  The pattern is available to purchase through paypal on the Right side of this page and also in my etsy shop.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 2011 Service Projects

 I'm trying to get rid of all the extra yarn I have hanging around the house, so I was able to complete a few blankets for  a Hospital in June. 
Kitty Cat Pattern

Continuous Granny Square

Brick Stitch Pattern

Small Granny Square Pattern

Saturday, July 2, 2011

June 2011 Drawing - Redraw

Ok, so after posting the winner of the 100th afghan and sending her 2 messages I have not received any response.  So, I have redrawn a new winner - NSCunning!  Congrats to you :) please let me know what color(s) you would like so I can get started on it asap.  Thanks again to all who visit this blog.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Brick Stitch Afghan Pattern

It's funny how, in the world of crochet, you can learn a new stitch and work things with it for years and years and then find that there is another stitch out there with the same name but worked completely different.  I don't know which one is correct and I'm sure it happens all the time.  To me, the stitch used in this crochet pattern will always be the Brick Stitch (because I'm a creature of habit!)
I've made so many of these "Brick Stitch" afghans in the past 20 years and always love them!  I love the effect the stitch gives when striping the design and I love the finished afghans using a single color.  They all turn out wonderful and work up quickly.

I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I have! Check out my product list below to make a blanket similar to mine.

**If you prefer a PDF pattern to easily print and ad free, you can purchase one for $2.95 on my website here.  The PDF version includes instructions for a squared off border (not included in this free post)**

Brick Stitch Afghan
Hook Size: I
Gauge: 6 DC & 3 Rows = 2"
Finished Size: Customizable
Materials: Qty will vary based on size working (about 30oz of
4WW yarn for 3'x3').  Caron Simply Soft was used in the photo shown above and is included in my list below.
     Ch - Chain
     Sp - Space
     St - Stitch
     Sl St - Slip Stitch
     SC - Single Crochet
     DC - Double Crochet
     BSt - Brick Stitch (SC, Ch 2, 3 DC) in same st/sp

Begin with a HDC Chainless Foundation in multiples of 3 + 1 to desired width/length - Chain of 73 is 24" with 1 Brick Stitch = 1"

The following photos should help you with a foundation chain if you are not familiar with it.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How To: Brick Stitch

Brick Stitch

To practice this stitch, chain 40
Row 1: Work 3 double crochet in the 3rd chain from the hook, * skip 3 chains, 1 single crochet in the next chain, chain 3, 3 double crochet in the same chain. Repeat from * across row, and end with 1 single crochet.

3 DC in 4th Ch from hook

Skip 3 ch sp, sc in next ch sp

Ch 3

3 DC in same ch sp (start)

3 DC in same ch sp (finished)
Row 2: Chain 3 and turn, 3 double crochet in the single crochet of previous row, * 1 single crochet in the space made by the chain 3 of previous row, chain 3 and 3 double crochet in same place. Repeat from * across row and end with 1 single crochet in last chain 3 of previous row.

Chain 3 & Turn

3 DC in sc space

Sc around ch 3 space

Chain 3

3 DC around same ch 3 sp

end with sc in last ch 3 sp

pattern complete

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 2011 Drawing Winner

And the winner of my 100th afghan is .....Nadine!!!  Please leave a comment here, or email me at with the color(s) and possible pattern you would like as soon as possible.
Thank you to everyone who entered.  I will be doing another drawing in a couple of weeks for followers only, so if you already follow, you will be automatically entered. I went stir crazy waiting a whole month for people to enter this one, so from now on, I will only have it open entry for a week or 2.   I know what the giveaway will be, I just need to get everything put together and take some pictures, so stay tuned :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

X Stitch Afghan Pattern

Blue & Yellow X Stitch Afghan Pattern

This pattern has been updated and can be found on this blog by clicking this link
X Stitch Pattern

How To: X Stitch

Now that we have some basic stitches down, lets learn a few stitch patterns.  This first one is the X stitch.  Very simple!  Here are a few pictures of afghans I have made with this stitch alone.
Chain used as width of afghan
Chain used as length of afghan

Starting with the chain, you will DC in the 4th chain from hook
DC in 4th ch

Then DC in the next chain (5th)

DC in 5th ch
Now to make the X, you go back to the 3rd chain space and do a DC there (as shown below)

DC in 3rd ch

DC in 3rd ch

Dc in 3rd ch
Make sure when you YO and pull your yarn through that you pull it up to the level of the other DC's.

Completed X stitch

I will be writing up the pattern this week for an afghan with this stitch that will be about 4'sq.