Friday, May 25, 2012

Princess Britt

Have you ever worked with Mesh yarn?  I dind't know anything about it except that others have made some very cute scarves with it until a week ago.  A friend of mine saw a dress on Etsy that she really wanted me to make for her baby that is due this summer.  It is a very pretty tube dress using mesh yarn as the skirt.  I purchased the pattern - not realizing she had already purchased it also (and she doesn't crochet) so that I could make one for her.  Upon reading the required materials, we began our search for the mesh yarn - and Oh Boy - it's not cheap!  I checked all the local stores and even asked sales associates about it and none had heard of it. 

She didn't want to spend the money ordering it online and also paying shipping (I wouldn't have either). So I decided to try and come up with my own version using just the Caron Simply Soft yarn....This is my end result:

It is in the testing phase and I have seen a few photos of it on babies and I LOVE it!  It is so stinkin cute :)

Then, later that week, I stopped by Joann's craft store to see if by chance they had some mesh yarn.  To my delight, they had 1 box and only 1 box (I asked) of Red Heart Sashay and there were only 5 skeins left.  They are $5 each and there was only blue or teal to choose from.  Not having used it before, I didn't want to stock up on it if I didn't end up liking it so I bought 1 of each color (should have bought them all!)  I came home and was excited to give it a try on my own pattern and here is the end result for that:

Both versions will be included in the "Princess Britt" pattern.  The Straps are written up as optional for Newborn size, but will be needed for infants/Toddlers who are mobile.  I will release the infant pattern which will include 5 sizes: Newborn - 12mo and then the Toddler Pattern which will be 18mo-4T.  I am debating on even larger sizes...It would be extremely easy to work out, but I will wait for feedback from my fans before I decide.

Heidi from Heidi's Hook was one of the testers for the NB size and has written up a pattern for leggings to match :)  They are darling and I can't wait to see it all together on a baby. 
This pattern will be available in the next week or so and I will post a link when it's up and running.

I hope the weather for your Holiday weekend is full of sunshine - Have a wonderful holiday and travel safely my friends!


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