Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How To: X Stitch

Now that we have some basic stitches down, lets learn a few stitch patterns.  This first one is the X stitch.  Very simple!  Here are a few pictures of afghans I have made with this stitch alone.
Chain used as width of afghan
Chain used as length of afghan

Starting with the chain, you will DC in the 4th chain from hook
DC in 4th ch

Then DC in the next chain (5th)

DC in 5th ch
Now to make the X, you go back to the 3rd chain space and do a DC there (as shown below)

DC in 3rd ch

DC in 3rd ch

Dc in 3rd ch
Make sure when you YO and pull your yarn through that you pull it up to the level of the other DC's.

Completed X stitch

I will be writing up the pattern this week for an afghan with this stitch that will be about 4'sq. 

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